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Lion Air a privately owned carrier will expand its services by launching a new full service international and domestic flights through its premium Batik Airlines division this year in March 2013 and it is currently preparing the requirements to do so, as an executive from Lion Airlines revealed on Thursday this week. Batik Airways will be another new long-haul airlines in indonesia that will be offering premium plane tickets and seats. The indonesian economic condition remains healthy and steady and the demand for full-service premium cheap flights is on the rise in the country. Lion Air to also launch a LCC named Malindo Airlines this year to juice up the competition with AirAsia.

Lion Airlines will tap into lucrative routes and opportunities with Batik Air due to start operations in the month of March 2013. Edward Sirait which is the general affairs director comfirmed that Batik Airways will have flights from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport's terminal 3. He later added that the new Batik Air was currently in the process of the airlines (SIUAU) flight permit with the transportation ministry of Indonesia. Once Batik Airlines obtain their SIUAU ( air permit), they would then proceed to process the (AOC) Air Operator Certificate.

The new full premium service airways will use ten Boeing 737-900s, in line with the 2009 Aviation Law on airplane possession. The premium full-service airlines will focus its market on international routes such as South Asia (Singapore, Flights to Jakarta, Medan, Denpasar, Manado, Hong Kong, Macau Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo and India with East Asia Cebu, Seoul, Vietnam, Australia (Sydney and Gold Coast), China - Beijing and Shanghai. It was further mentioned that the aircraft's body would be painted with a batik motif (logo) that distinguishes Batik Air from with other airlines.

Each travellers seat will be equipped with a lcd tv to watch movies and listen to music, and passengers can use mobile-phones and internet access during air travel. The new airline will offer the best premium service for travellers. It is optimistic that Batik Airlines could compete with national flag carrier Garuda Air Indonesia and new player Pacific Royale Airways.

A number of new carriers are planning to take to the skies in Indonesia, including Batik Airways who is currently waiting to finalize the AOC (air operator's certificate. Nam Airlines is another that has recently submitted it's revised business model to the Ministry of Transportation. Adding to the uprise of carriers in Indonesia, Kartika Airlines and Jatayu Airways have not submitted their proof of investment capital as yet.

The Ministry of Transportation also mentioned that quite a few foreign investors are interested in Indonesia's lucrative travel industry. Most f the airline investors come from Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and Malaysia. So far none of these foreign airline investors have submitted an application to the Ministry of Transportation. But overall the aviation industry looks good for both Indonesia and Malaysia.

News: Batik Airline will have a fleet of 6 Boeing 737-900ERs with seating capacity of 181 passengers, 12 seats will comprise of business class cabins.
Batik air's 2nd plane will arrive on the 5 of May and fly between Pekanbaru and Jakarta. A 3rd plane will arrive on the 9 of May. It is also rumored that new carrier from Indonesia has secured permits to travel to 21 international and 67 domestic destinations. The new carrier is aimed at middle class customers who can afford to spend more on premium travel. Lion Air is seen as catching a bus, where Batik Airways is seen as catching a cab (If you can afford it).

Update: Batik Airlines plans to fly to destinations in Australia from Dawin to East Nusa Tenggara's Kupang and from Adelaide (South Australia) to Denpasar. Passenger travel between Australia and Indonesia have grown by 14%, with more than 2.5 million travellers in the last year. The move to fly to Australia would see stiffer competition by current carriers operating in the region such as AirAsia, Garuda, Jetstar, Pacific Blue and Qantas. The Australian and Indonesian governments also agreed to improve airline safety between the two countries. Batik Air will be launching it's inaugural flight on the 26 April and will heat up competition with Garuda Indonesia. Overall prices would be much lower for consumers.

Lion Air's "Batik" get's even more closer to launch a full scale competition airfare war with Indonesia's Garuda airlines. The new medium to long haul carrier is expected to provide cheaper air tickets than the more dominant players in the region. This can only mean savings for the many international passengers travelling to and from Indonesia. The recent Lion Air crash in Bali has not hinded the expansion plans for one of Asia's biggest carrier. We wish Batik all the success in the world of aviation. Safe journey to all.

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The rapidly expanding aviation sector would provide competitive airfares to passengers

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